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strange redirect to forum index!? any ideas?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:00 pm 
Post subject: strange redirect to forum index!? any ideas?

Hi there,

I run since years a pretty big phpbb forum with around 3 million visits per month. Every day I have around 3000 users logged in and usually never less than 1500 at the same time.

Everything works fine but i do get some strange error reports which i cant explain. The system runs on 4 servers, 1 database only server and 3 webserver who deliver the pages. (just to get some idea of the system)

Some of my users report that they cant enter some forums. They claim that they click on the index page any forum link, the side reloads and they are back on the index instead inside the forum they wanted. How ever they can read topicos from forums if they dont use the index links.

I really dont have any idea where to look for this kind of problem since this NEVER ever happened with my on differant PCs with all kinds of browsers etc. but still some users keep claiming that they cant enter some forums. The strange thing is that the same users can click on SOME of the forum but some not but the page and links do all the same.

I would be happy if anybody has any idea what could this be or if i only waste time and some users are just to stupid to use the forum.

Thanks for any tip,

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:08 pm 
Post subject: Re: strange redirect to forum index!? any ideas?

Well, I am far for being a great PHP programmer, so please take my advice as an newbie advice: Are youi using, by any chance, eXtreme Styles? If so, try emptying cache folder (except .httaccess and index.html files). You would be wondered what tricks did that for me. icon_wink.gif
If not, is always a good thing to empty TMP folder.
The thing is that if you install some MODifications, your users could have issues because some files from before the MODifications could still be on the server, for cache.

P.S.: Can you please give a link to your forum? Is not every day that I see a board with 3000 users online on the same time. icon_eek.gif

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