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This site is intended to continue support for the legacy 2.x line of the phpBB2 bulletin board package. If you are a fan of phpBB2, please, by all means register, post, and help us out by offering your suggestions. We are primarily a community and support network. Our secondary goal is to provide a phpBB2 MOD Author and Styles area.

List of non-standard features (WIP)
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:14 am 
Post subject: List of non-standard features (WIP)

- Contact Form
- My Board (customize index content)
- Multi-FAQ (FAQ selector dropbox)
- Category Fold (requires javascript + cookie, mark category on index to stay collapsed)
- Forum Icons (thanks, KellyBean!)
- Javascript-enabled forms, set form focus to first enterable input field

- Mark topic as Favorite (bookmark)
- Add a point to a topic
- Mass unsubscribe / unfavorite / unpoint via Search
- Report a Post
- Send a topic to a Friend
- Printer friendly format
- Smilies in Topic Titles icon_smile.gif
- Latest Topics on Index (optional, see profile)
- Select / Expand Code BBCode (Select Expand BBcodes MOD by markus_petrux)

- Canned searches on "Search Box"
- - Recent Topics (all forums)
- - Unanswered (standard)
- - New Posts since Last Visit (standard)
- - New Topics since Last Visit (limit to topics started since last session)
- - My Posts (egosearch aka standard)
- - My Topics (limit to topics I started)
- - My Watched (Subscribed) Topics
- - My Favorite Topics
- - My Point Topics
- Search multiple forms at once
- Hide (ignore) forums in search via My Board
- Search "This Forum" (available on viewforum and viewtopic)
- Search "This Topic" (available on viewtopic)

Profile Options
- phpBB Profile (User ID linked to
- Board Width
- Country Flag
- User Medals (Awards)
- Annual Stars
- Hide me in Memberlist
- Post Sort (newest first / oldest first)
- View Forum Descriptions (On / Off)
- View User Signatures (On / Off)
- View User Avatars (On / Off)
- Emoticon format (graphical or text)
- View Recent Topics on Index (Top / Bottom / Off)
- Recent Topic Limit (see above)
- Activity Indicator (color selector for icon showing post participation)
- Topic Preview (First Post / Last Post / Off (default) )
- Redirect after Post (Back to Message / Forum)
- Digest Delivery (5 business days / 7 week days)
- Digest Format (HTML / Text)
- Suspend Digest (Yes / No)

- Search Nag
- Bump Warning
- Enhanced Post Edit Tracking (who and when but not what)
- Topic Labels (see MOD Development forum for example)

Moderator Team
- Lock during post
- Mark searchable / non-searchable during post
- Merge multiple topics from any forum
- - Select topic
- - Add to Merge Queue
- - Merge from the queue to final topic
- Post Notes
- User Notes
- Spammer Hammer (spammer removal tool)
- Canned Messages

Administrator Team
- Monitor registration attempts logged from Checkbox Challenge
- Monitor contact form
- Monitor / configure user profile audit
- Rebuild search index
- Manage board banners (not in use)
- Page Permissions <3
- Zero Post Count Forums
- Non-Signature Enabled Forums
- Prune Inactive Users
- Monitor / Manage Domain Whitelist

Long Live phpBB2 icon_biggrin.gif
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